Where Do You Go When There’s No More Beer In The Fridge?

I didn’t mean for her to fly across the room like that. I just asked her why there was no beer in the fridge and she got all up in my face like I’d called her a cunt or just told her I’d fucked her sister. I pushed her away but she’s a small woman and I must have pushed too hard and she flew across the room like a goddamn bird. There was that period of silence where we were both trying to workout what had just happened but something in her snapped. Not physically. In her mind. She started calling me every name under the sun. The worst of it was cocksucker but I’m pretty sure she called me a motherfucker as well and she knows that that’s bullshit. Maybe I shouldn’t take these things so literally. All I wanted was a goddamn beer. She got up off the floor and kept her distance but still found the spark to ignite another onslaught of verbal abuse that would rival most work sites I’ve been to. I called her bitch in retaliation and it was as if the world had stopped. She just stood there speechless for what seemed like a minute but it was actually a few seconds. These things always seem longer than they actually are. There was that time she had spent two minutes throwing every punch she could at me and she only stopped because she ran out of steam. It had felt a lot longer than two minutes. I only knew how long it had taken because I had checked my watch before she had kicked off. This hadn’t been the first time, obviously and when shit like this happens on a regular basis you tend to compare separate events. I wanted some sort of time record. Like a workout log. This bitch worked me out in ways I didn’t need. Back to the beer. She was still yelling all sorts of nonsense at me and I heard her say she was going to leave me and I was relieved. Why hadn’t I left before? Fucked if I knew. Then I remembered the kids and at that moment she did as well and threatened to never let me see them again. Was that her decision? I wasn’t too sure but she sounded pretty confident. That made me mad and I called her a fucking cunt quite loudly and that looked to have been the final straw for her. She raced off and gathered the kids and slammed the door on her way out. I didn’t try to stop her because I knew she was only going up the road to her sister’s place. I’d have some repair work to do with the kids when they came back. I was alone in the house and the fridge was still empty. It had just been so hot during the day and I’d been thinking about having a beer for most of it and it turned to shit. I hated that. Something you’re looking forward to turns into a goddamn shit show and taints whatever it was with this negative bullshit. I couldn’t stay in that house so I picked up the car keys but the unanswered question in my head remained: where do you go when there’s no beer in the fridge? I got in the car and thought maybe the answer would come to me after I drove around for a bit.

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