The Roommate

Twenty-six minutes after he had advertised the room online she was handing over the first month’s rent. “This will do nicely,” she said and he couldn’t believe how easy it had all been. The other room had been empty since his friend had gotten married and the emptiness of the place weighed heavily on his heart every night when he returned home from work. He also could not afford to live there by himself. She was a lot younger than him. Late twenties, maybe. These things are sometimes hard to tell until a woman hits her late thirties. She brought an energy to the house he hadn’t felt in a long time and she had a smile that could make him feel like everything was going to be fine even at his own beheading. He couldn’t believe he was getting paid for this.

Things were going well. Three days in and she knocked on his bedroom door one night. “I have a specific beauty routine and I need a favour,” she said.

“Sure, what is it?” he said.

“I apply semen to my face every night.”

“You mean, cum?”

“Yes. So I was wondering if you could put some in this container for me,” she said with that smile. He’d heard about guys giving away their jizz but this was different. He was still getting paid. He took the container and she left the room. Her beauty routine was not interrupted that night.

Soon he was applying the beauty routine directly to her face. On her knees she waited for the lotion of youthful dermatological vigour to be shot from his loins. “This is a far better way to do it,” she said.

“Less waste,” he said and they both agreed it was far too valuable to spill. He noticed she had started looking younger. Maybe she was younger than he first thought. Either way, he was being paid to jizz in her face and he couldn’t believe it. He was becoming some sort of gigilo.

Not long after he’d started direct application, she came to him with another favour. “I have bad acid reflux. I recently read my beauty routine can help if it’s taken orally,” she said.

“You want me to cum in the container?”

“No. That’s wasteful. I’ll extract it myself,” she said and it took him a minute to wrap his head around the fact that she was going to be paying him to suck his dick. He simply could not believe it.

Reflux cured, he started to believe he had healing powers. He grew his hair long and started talking about aura energy and other shit like that. She continued extracting the gold from his loins every night and some times more than once. “I just can’t do without it,” she said.

“Plenty to go around,” he said and they both laughed. There was an intensity to her extraction technique that cut the time he’d previously experienced by a significant amount. He could not put it into words but what she did involved his arsehole and she was paying him for it. Wonderful.

One night he was rubbing scented oils into his hair and she came knocking. That smile was gone and there was a cloudiness to her disposition that he had not seen before. “What’s wrong?” he said.

“I’m down. Feeling low,” she said.

“Can I do anything?”

“Well, I did read that if I absorb the beauty routine, the reflux remedy into my body, it can help.”

“Don’t you do that when taking the reflux remedy?”

“It needs to be done vaginally, for better absorption,” she said. He was more than happy to help. He unloaded wad after wad of antidepressant into her that night and like all the other times he couldn’t believe he was getting paid for it. He honestly believed he could not win anymore than he was in that moment.

She did not coming knocking again for two weeks. They passed each other in the kitchen a few times but she showed little interest. When she finally knocked she seemed different again. There was a hardness to her face that he had never seen. Maybe she had some new problem for his jizz to attack. She did, but it was different to what he had expected. “I won’t be paying rent anymore,” she said.

“Are you moving out?”

“No, I’m having YOUR baby. So, you will be paying me from now on,” she said and he just stood there staring at her. After all he had done for her, he could not believe he was going to have to pay for it.

One thought on “The Roommate

  1. This reminds me of a game of chess, where you sacrifice your queen and your opponent thinks he’s definitely going to win, then you move your knight and say “checkmate”

    I have to give her props, Sir. It was a move he didn’t see coming. (Pun intended)

    Liked by 1 person

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