What She Deserved

She wasn’t getting what she deserved. That goddamn guy was holding her back with his sweaty and hairy bullshit. She no longer knew why she had married him. In fact, if she was truthful with herself, she only married him because he had tricked her. He had tricked her into thinking he was something that he wasn’t. That made her so mad. Now she wanted out because she hated him and she was fat. He had made her fat. That fat motherfucker with his back hair. She could do better. Not while she was fat though. She’d have to lose the weight. So she got rid of him.

Getting rid of him was easy. She told him to get out. He called her a bitch and she called the cops. They took him away and advised her to get a restraining order. She agreed that it would be necessary because he would only be an impediment to her getting what she deserved. It was great having him out of the house and she planned to sell all his shit before he got a chance to come back for it. All those figurines and anime crap that he had piled up on shelves like a child. She was going to sell the lot of it to some other retard that was into it.

She had to lose weight. It’s what she deserved. She didn’t deserve to weigh 300lbs. That was his fault. All the stress of being around him, his hairy stench that resembled an abandoned farm where all the animals ate each other and then shat each other out. That’s what he smelt like. That was what had caused her to overeat and become fat. She didn’t deserve that. She deserved to be thin. She decided to join a gym in the hopes of killing two birds with one stone. The other bird was a guy she deserved.

She paid for the first month of her gym membership with what she had made from selling some of his stuff. Some loser had paid her $50 for some anime figurine. He hadn’t come back for it, so in her mind it was fair game. She later looked online and found that the figurine she sold retailed for $549.95. She was so glad she’d kicked him out. She didn’t deserve that. She deserved a hot personal trainer and she got one. Chad had muscles where that other fucking guy had had fat and hair. She wasn’t ready to make her move, but she deserved a guy that looked like Chad.

He worked her hard. Not in the way she deserved but she knew she had to lose the weight first. She hated every minute of it though. The sweat ran down her face and between her fat tits. Her thighs chafed together like two lumps of whale blubber, slipping and sliding together with the aid of perspiration. She had started losing weight but no one was checking her out. In her mind she knew that this was unfair after all the hard work she had done, but it was his fault that she was fat so she was more determined to rinse herself of any lasting effects he may have had on her.

She joined a dating site. She would have Chad when she was ready but he wasn’t long term material. She deserved more. She had value. Her university degree was evidence of that. She flicked through the site and picked a man for a date. Two days passed without any reply from the man she had picked. She double checked her inbox. Nothing. Fag. She chose another guy and waited. Another two days and still no response. She deserved better than this. Goddamn it. She was thinner and educated and it wasn’t her fault she was living in a city of homosexuals and that her ex husband was hairy and sweaty.

None of the guys at work were checking her out. The only people to comment on her brave weight loss were other women. Fuck those bitches. No one cared what they thought. She deserved to be checked out and ogled by the hot guys. Someone from finance tried to talk to her at the printer and she considered filing a harassment complaint. He deserved it and she didn’t deserve to be subjected to his thirsty bullshit. She was a high value woman now. The fact was that she had always been a high value woman except that fat and sweaty piece of shit had held her back. Every facet of her life has been stunted because of him. It wasn’t fair.

Chad kept pushing her hard in the gym. This wasn’t convenient for her because she was trying to tell him about all her academic achievements. No other guy had even spoken more than five words to her since her brave transformation. She deserved more attention. She was a quality woman and any guy would be lucky to even get with her. Those fags on the dating site were the dumbest motherfuckers in town. It would be them that would be crying into their pillows at night. Not her. She was going to get what she deserved. “Do you want to hang out after this?” she said to Chad.

“Pardon?” said Chad.

“Do you want to hang out?”

“Oh, I don’t socialise with clients, sorry,” said Chad and he backed away somewhat.

“Are you some sort of gay?”


“Well, why say no?”

“You’re a client and you’re a bit too old for me.”

“What the fuck does that mean? You have a fetish for young girls you goddamn pervert? I deserve this!!!” she said with all the deranged momentum of a spastic hurricane. She started crying and when Chad attempted to comfort her, she swatted away his hand and called him a rapist. She sat on the gym floor sulking for a further nineteen minutes before she gathered herself together and courageously left the gym for the last time. She couldn’t in good conscience return to a gym that housed a goddamn pervert.

Walking home she was so mad. It was all his fault that she wasn’t getting what she deserved. She vowed then and there to sell every last possession that fat fuck had left at her house. All of it would be on the internet by tomorrow morning. Was it all his fault though? Chad’s rejection and her virtual invisibility at work wasn’t technically his fault even though she could link it back to him with some mental gymnastics. All men shared some responsibility in her not getting what she deserved. She’d heard ugly women at work talk about the patriarchy. Maybe it affected hot and quality women like her too. She passed a pet store and went back when she saw four kittens playing in the window. Watching them, she found herself smiling for the first time since the day she kicked that fat hunk of shit out and into the arms of the police that came to take him away. She went inside and bought all four kittens.

Walking home with the kittens, she was still smiling. For the first time she felt she had finally gotten what she deserved and this was just the beginning.

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