Serial Killer

I busted through the police tape like a marathon runner at the finishing line. The two cops standing watch tried to stop me but I turned around and said, “Don’t mind me, chaps. I left my goddamn badge at home. I won’t be here long,” and they backed down. There were police officers everywhere, both uniformed and plain clothed. I had my new suit on and this was the perfect situation to put it on. Looking professional was something that I took very seriously. Closer to the crime scene, I picked out two of the plain clothes officers that looked like they might be in charge and approached. “Morning, what have you got for me?” I said and they both looked up from their clipboards and stared at me. There was a silence that lasted a little bit too long to be considered normal and then the female of the two said, “Another murder. Looks to be linked to the others, and you are?”

“Just from head office. They sent me down here this morning,” I said.

“We weren’t told about this,” she said. She was a short woman with curly hair. She wasn’t entirely ugly, but the days of her being able to rely on a steady stream of guys asking her out had started to end and you could tell she wasn’t quite used to it. Her partner was my height, but probably a bit older than me. So far he hadn’t said a word and I was starting to think he couldn’t speak. This raised all sorts of questions in my mind about how he did the job without talking. Did he write everything down like some mute oracle? Did he use sign language? “You’d best go and take a look at the scene seeing you came all this way,” he said and I was slightly disappointed.

“Thanks, I’ll do that,” I said and walked off in the direction of where there were more police gathered around the entrance of the house. People were moving in and out of the place and there were two men at the door keeping watch. I walked past them and into the house. They didn’t try to stop me.

Inside it was dark. I followed the stream of people moving up and down the hallway. There was a kitchen to the left and a living room to the right. I was headed to the end where the bedrooms were. I got to the bedroom where the crime had occurred and I still wasn’t sure what I was going to find in there given that I hadn’t been debriefed by the officers I had spoken to. There was light coming from that room because the curtains had been opened. This contrasted with the darkness of the hallway and made the room feel like some sort of light at the end of a tunnel. I stepped into the room and stood staring at what these police had been called out for. “Gruesome shit, right?” said some young guy standing next to me.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Just like the last one,” he said.

“You mean some sick fuck out there has done this more than once?”

“Oh, yeah. This is the fourth one I’ve been to. I think there are more,” he said.

“And it’s like this everytime?”

“Pretty much. This one is a bit messier, but it’s definitely the same guy.”

“Fuck,” I said and walked off to the side to get my mind in order. There was a serial killer in town and no one knew about it. This sick fuck was busting into people’s homes and dismembering them. I took one last look at the blood smeared all over the walls and the severed head that had been placed neatly on the bed. It’s eyes had been pinned open so that it was staring at you. It was one of the most bizarre things I had ever seen. It looked like someone had crawled under the bed and pushed the head out through the top. The bed was giving birth to it. It was disgusting. I walked out just as the guy I had spoken to started taking photos.

The dark hallway was comforting compared to the light of the bedroom. It covered up any other sick shit that I may have run into on the way out. I got outside and walked past everyone without stopping. The short, curly haired woman that I had spoken to on the way in called out to me, but I just kept going. She was probably going to ask whether I was going to submit a report or some bullshit like that. I wasn’t. Writing anything was the last thing on my mind in that moment. I got in the car and made the decision to never pretend to be a police officer again.

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